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Are you planning to take a L.A.R.E. exam this December, but don’t feel fully prepared? Or are you thinking about taking L.A.R.E. exams in 2021? If you need some extra help, ASLA National has you covered!

1. Understand the LARE Prep

The Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE) is unlike any test you have ever taken. It is designed to test your competence to practice landscape architecture. It is not a design competition. As a professional licensing exam, it tests your knowledge, skills, and abilities that directly relate to protecting public health, safety, and welfare.

The LARE is divided into four sections. A candidate for licensure must pass all of them in order to qualify to become licensed. Research shows that candidates who take sections 1 and 2 closer to graduation are more successful than those who wait. For section 4, candidates with several years of experience are more successful. There was no clear determinant of success for Section 3. The bottom line: if you think you are ready and your state allows you to take the exam before meeting the experience requirements, don't hesitate to sign up to take the exam.

TheCouncil of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (aka CLARB)writes, administers, and grades the LARE. If you have any questions regarding the LARE. process or procedures, contact CLARB atinfo@clarb.org.

ASLA wants to help guide you through the examination process and ultimately succeed in becoming a licensed landscape architect. Take the time to review the resources provided in this section. If you have any questions or suggestions on materials that could be helpful in support of LARE preparation, contactLAREprep@asla.org.

2. Find out If You are Eligible for Licensure

Each state sets its own requirements for licensure and the timing of taking the LARE. Many states now allow applicants to begin taking the exam after graduation - but not all.CLARBprovides the latest information on state rules regarding when applicants can begin taking the exam. Many states also have a rolling 5-year clock for taking the exam, meaning that you must pass all sections within 5 years of taking the first section. Be sure to review theinformation provided by the state licensure boardwhere you intend to earn your first license.


ASLA offers a wealth of resources at discounted rates for members. New materials are in development, so check back throughout your exam experience for more information. Select the links below to begin your study strategy.

LARE Prep webinarsfor sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the exam, as well as an overview presentation,Demystifying the LARE – What to Expect and How to Study

4.找到一个拉尔牧师iew Session

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If you are a provider of LARE Prep classes and would like your dates included on our review session map, please submit your information to lareprep@asla.org. Please note,资格,包括ded requires the instructor to be an ASLA member.

5. Take the Exam

The LARE is administered three times a year over a two-week period in April, August, and December. Please visit CLARB'sDates, Deadlines and Fees webpagefor more information.

Exams are administered at Pearson VUE test centers (on behalf of CLARB) throughout the United States and Canada. Exam candidates register for the exams by visiting theCLARB website.

Effective October 2020,CLARB now offersremote proctoring as an additional testing option to all section 1 and section 2 L.A.R.E. candidates in all jurisdictions where the L.A.R.E. is administered.


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